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Liberty High Library: Just For Fun

Time Capsule: Healthy at Home


Use this packet to record all the things that are going on during this moment in history: Covid-19/Healthy at Home

Google Arts and Culture


Explore this site for an up close look, not only at paintings but also famous sites and landmarks, just to name a few.

Chrome Music Lab

Check out these 13 experiments with music: create a song, choose a beat, watch the sound waves of music, etc You can read more about each of the 13 experiments in this Tech & Learning article

Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to virtually travel just about anywhere in the world with the help of satellite imagery. You can see pictures of sites, create maps, go on pre-made expeditions, or explore with street view. Note: To use Google Earth, you will need to launch it in a Chrome browser.

Virtual Museum Tours


Google Virtual Tours of Museums

Google Arts and Culture will allow you to take virtual tours of  over 100 different museums

Google Arts and Culture: Crossword

KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife For Educators


              KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

KET: Electronic Field Trips

KET provides a varies of electronic field trips to places like the Louisville Zoo, Mammoth Cave, Falls of the Ohio, etc.


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