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Defense Skills for 8th Grade: General Skills

Vocabulary Skills

Students need a robust vocabulary to best communicate and defend what they have learned and accomplished.  The resources below can be used in daily instruction to improve student vocabulary.

Professional Books for Teaching Vocabulary

Speaking Skills

Students must have regular opportunity to speak using academic language. Resources shown below show how to give students more opportunities to speak in class.

Professional Books for Teaching Speaking Skills

Tongue Twisters

Encouraging Academic Conversations With Talk Moves

Professional Books about Socratic Circles and Literature Circles

Presentation Skills

Presenting requires a variety of skills that must be practiced regularly so students can be effective presenters. Below are resources for teaching good posture and appropriate gestures, visual aids, vocal projection and pacing, and more.

Preparing Yourself for Public Speaking

Good Posture Exercises

Creating an Effective Visual Aid for a Presentation

Professional Books for Teaching Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: Tips & Tricks

Tips on Giving Oral Presentations

Make it POP!

Listening & Feedback Skills

Students must learn to listen and provide appropriate feedback for other student presenters.  In doing so, they will also learn how to become an effective presenter. Resources are provided below.

TAG Feedback Form

Peer Assessments of Oral Presentations

Ten Feedback Conversation Starters for English Language Learners

Professional Books for Teaching Listening and Feedback Skills

60-Second Strategy: Discussion Mapping


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