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Defense Skills for 8th Grade: Social Studies

1st Grading Period

The New World and the Old World (1492-1783)

  • Thinking Like a Historian
  • Native Americans and The Great Convergence
  • Colonies in North America
  • The American Revolution

Speaking Skills

Vocabulary: 3-D Graphic Organizers

Armies of the American Revolution (4-door shutter book)

Interview With a World Explorer (mystery square)

Southern Colonies (5-tab book)

2nd Grading Period

A New Order for the Ages: Out of Many, One (1776-1837)

  • The U.S. Constitution
  • A Growing Democracy

Vocabulary: 3-D Graphic Organizers

U.S. Presidents (note tote)

Manifest Destiny (2-tab book)

4th Grading Period

A House Divided (1819-1865)

  • The Civil War

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