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Formative Assessment Rubrics for School Librarians


In the summer of 2015 a group of school librarians came together to create formative assessment rubrics that reflect the learning that occurs in school library media centers.  They quickly recognized that the practice of formative assessment is ongoing and helps them meet the needs of learners as they are in the process of learning, at the point of need.  Unlike summative assessment, which occurs at the end of a curriculum content area unit, formative assessment often takes place in the beginning or middle of a lesson or learning experience.


Each rubric was created to align with the American Association of School Librarians publication: Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and focused on the enduring skills. Special consideration was given to the Kentucky Department of Education’s Kentucky Framework for Teaching: Library Media Specialist, including domains of teaching responsibilities, in an effort to document achievement of student growth goals through formative assessment rubrics.


Permission to use and modify these rubrics with attribution is granted.


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