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Hawthorne Elementary Library - Biblioteca Primaria de Hawthorne: Bienvendido ala Hawthorne

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Not sure what to do? Check out a good read from NTI Online Books & Resources OR from Books & Literature Resources tab. Reading programs are listed under Summer Reading Programs! Happy reading! Dr. H

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The more you read


The more you read, the more you know.

The more you know the smarter you grow.

The smarter you grow the stronger your voice,

When speaking your mind or making a choice!

Author Unknown


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Dr. Jamey Herdelin
Hawthorne Elementary School
2301 Clarendon Ave
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 485-8263

Library Schedule 2018-2019

 Below is the Library Schedule.  The school uses a 6-day rotation schedule so classes do not have Library on a set day of the week. 

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Our Mission

The Library supports the school’s mission by fostering and supporting lifelong reading and researching:

“Every Hawthorne student will develop into a globally and culturally competent learner”


  • Students will have access to culturally responsive and relevant resources 24/7/365, including resources to support and advance our dual language immersion program
  • The LMC fosters students’ inquiry thinking skills by integrating research frameworks and strategies in the learning environment.
  • The LMC works collaboratively with teachers to weave together cross-curricular learning so students experience multifaceted learning and share their new knowledge using 21st century tools.


Hawthorne Elementary School
2301 Clarendon Ave., Louisville, KY 40205