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it was amazing
I really loved this book. The author/illustrator does a fantastic job of showing what it would be like to move to a new country with a new language and customs. There is one place, however, that makes her and her son feel at home. I won'...
tagged: elementary-school and pura-belpre-winners
The Bad Seed
it was amazing
A wonderful story of a "bad" sunflower seed who makes the choice to change his ways. Great lesson for students and a charming book they will enjoy as well.
tagged: elementary-school
Hello Lighthouse
it was amazing
Beautifully illustrated and told story of a lighthouse, its keeper, and his family over a number of years. Enough text to fully explain the story without losing younger readers' attention, and the pictures give plenty for older readers t...
tagged: caldecott-winners and elementary-school
The Stuff of Stars
it was amazing
Beautiful illustrations and simple text tell a story of how everything came to be. The 2019 Coretta Scott King illustrator winner Ekua Holmes does a wonderful job of bringing a creation story to life. I simply cannot say enough good thin...
tagged: elementary-school and coretta-scott-king-winners
Property of the Rebel Librarian
it was amazing
When June's parents and (except the middle school librarian) decide to remove all "inappropriate" books from the school library, June knows she can't stand by and do nothing. As popular recent series and classics are taken out by the car...
tagged: elementary-school

Great Things are Happening in the Coral Ridge Library!

It's Time to Return Your Books!

Please return ALL books to the library ASAP!!! Thank you for helping make sure that our books are available for checkout next year!

Kentucky Bluegrass Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Kentucky Bluegrass Awards! #CRCubs picked the Preschool winner, Cookiesaurus Rex! The nominees for 2019-2020 are now live on their category's tabs in our LibGuide. Great starting place for a Summer Reading list!

Reggie the Readerpillar!

Reggie has left us for the year after you all checked out 12,800 books to help him grow big and strong! He left us this letter: 

Dear Coral Ridge Cubs,

Wow! It’s the end of the year already! Thank you all so much for helping me grow big and strong by checking out 12,800 books this year! Way to go!!

It’s time for me to say goodbye and take a well-deserved vacation. Here’s a picture of me taking off to see the world! I’m going to be gone for a while, so next school year my sister Regina the Readerpillar will be visiting you all. Please help her grow by reading lots of books, just like you did with me.

Your friend, Reggie the Readerpillar

Our Collaborative Sticker Poster

Our Cubs have finished our collaborative sticker poster and were thrilled to find out it is a Rainbow Unicorn! Students are currently signing the back and it will hang next to last year's poster in the library. What will next year's poster be??

Congratulations to Our Literary Tree Contest Winners!

All the trees were so wonderful! I can't wait to do this again next year and see even more great examples of our Cubs' creativity and love of books!

Cubs Suggestion Box

‚ÄčHave a great idea for a new book? Tell me about it!

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