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Coral Ridge Elementary Library: Welcome

Have a Great Summer!

Great Things are Happening in the Coral Ridge Library!

2021 Kentucky Bluegrass Award Winners!


Our Collaborative Sticker Poster

Our Cubs finished last year's collaborative sticker poster and were thrilled to find out it is a llama!  It is now hanging next to the 2017-18 and 2018-19 posters in our library. What will this year's poster be?? Check the Just for Fun tab for a slideshow of our progress as well as a slideshow of our progress on our new VIRTUAL sticker poster. Cubs, you can access both posters to choose stickers via the Library Slide in Google Classroom!

2022 Kentucky Bluegrass Awards Preschool Nominees!

Check the tab here for more information on the books nominated in this KBA category! 

2022 Kentucky Bluegrass Awards K-2 Nominees!

Check the tab here for more information on the books nominated in this KBA category! 

2022 Kentucky Bluegrass Awards 3-5 Nominees!

Check the tab here for more information on the books nominated in this KBA category! 

Check Out Our Library!

Check out this video tour of our library! I hope to see all my Cubs friends back in this space, taking part in these activities, very soon!

New Books

What's Mrs. Johnson Been Reading?

Mrs. Johnson's bookshelf: read

really liked it
When Livy goes to visit her grandmother in Australia for the first time in five years, she is surprised to find Bob, a green creature who lives in her closet and was her friend as a child. But where did Bob come from? And how is he suppo...
tagged: elementary-school and kba
The Rabbit Listened
it was amazing
When Taylor's block creation comes crashing down, he's left with a lot of emotions...and lots of animal friends telling him how THEY think he should handle it. All except the rabbit, who does the one thing Taylor needs the most...listens...
tagged: elementary-school and kba
You Don't Want a Unicorn!
it was amazing
A little boy wants a unicorn more than anything in the world! Or so he thinks, until he wishes for one and his wish comes true. What could be so bad about having a unicorn? Read this book to find out.
tagged: elementary-school
Frog on a Log?
really liked it
Who says frogs have to sit on logs? And what do other animals need to sit on? This rhyming book is full of funny animal/seat pairings! For adults: Great book for teaching about circular story structure as well as poetic license since no...
tagged: elementary-school
If You Give a Pig a Party
really liked it
If you give a pig a party, what will she want next? And after that? And after that? This is one in a series of "If you..." books by Laura Numeroff. For adults: This is a great book for teaching circular story structure. Students also e...
tagged: elementary-school

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Cubs Suggestion Box

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Librarian-the Original Search Engine

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Donna Johnson
Coral Ridge Elementary
10608 National Turnpike
Fairdale, KY 40118
(502) 485-8234


Gale databases curated for our school! Gale in Context covers a broad range of topics and includes images, articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and the news.  National Geographic Kids includes topics on science, nature and space with videos and articles

ABDO eBooks

Take a look at these always available digital books from ABDO! This means that any student can read any of these titles anytime. No waiting times ever. 

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