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Coral Ridge Elementary Library: Just for Fun!

Fun Stuff

On this page, you will find links and information about some of the fun things we've done in our library that you can do at home, too! 

2019-20 Sticker Poster Progress

Quiver Vision

Click the picture for very cool coloring pages that you can bring to life in augmented reality! Many are free and the app is free as well, for both Android and Apple devices. This is the app used by Kindergarten and 1st grade to celebrate International Dot Day!

Rubik's Cube


Click the picture for all sorts of resources about the Rubik's Cube -- where to buy, how to solve, and fun trivia, too! 

Friendship Bracelets with Circle Loom

Click the picture below for information on how to make your own friendship bracelet with a circular cardboard loom! This was a big hit during our first Fun Friday with our new Makerspace!


Merge Cubes

Click the picture for your own paper Merge Cube to use at home! Just print and tape together. Find Merge apps in Google Play or the Apple Store -- many are free! If you don't have a printer at home, the Louisville Free Public Library will print for you at very little cost, and you can pick up some cool books while you're there! Or for a sturdier Merge Cube, visit an office supply store and have them print it on cardstock; again, for very little cost.  

DIY Suncatchers


At school, we use scrap plastic from teachers' laminating projects to make these awesome DIY suncatchers, but you can do them at home as well!

You will need:

  • Heavy plastic. Scrap laminating film works best, but page protectors for binders should work, and ziploc freezer bags cut open may too (if you try with ziplocs, please let me know how they work!)
  • Permanent markers. We have used Sharpie brand and Dollar Tree brand in the library with success. 
  • Coloring book or pages.Simple designs work best.
  • Scotch tape 


  1. Cut the plastic big enough to cover your coloring page or a part of it you want to make into a suncatcher.
  2. Place the coloring page on a table.
  3. Place the plastic over the coloring page. Tape it to the table to keep it steady while you color.
  4. Color your design on the plastic. Do black outlines last so the black doesn't get picked up by the other markers as you color and muddy up the design.
  5. Place in a window and enjoy!

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