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Jacob Elementary Library: Weather

PebbleGO: Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Learn about different types of extreme weather- blizzards, drought, hurricanes, lightning and thunder, thunderstorms, and tornadoes when you read through these resources. 

Gale: Weather Topics

Gale offers several topics to learn more about weather. Start here and find other related topics you are interested in. 

National Geographic: Everything Weather

Weather facts, photos and trivia!

National Geographic Weather

Weather Level 1 Reader

Read about many different weather topics including lightning, thunder, rainbows and ways the weather is wild!

KET: Evidence of Weather

Look at the pictures and discuss how the weather changed in each.  

KET: Tornado Fujita Scale

Wicked Weather Fujita Scale

Watch this video to learn about how the strength of tornadoes is measured by damage left behind. 

PebbleGo Next: Weather and Climate

Different Types of Weather

Explore the four factors- temperature, wind, snow or rain, sunlight and clouds-present in various weather conditions in these video clips. 

PebbleGo: Measuring Weather

Measuring Weather

Learn how meteorologists measure the temperature, rain, snow and wind. 

National Geographic: Explore My World Weather

Read this book about different types of weather. 


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