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Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program Library: Reading Is Fundamental

RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)

RIF (Reading is Fundamental) is a nonprofit organization that distributes free, new books to children all over the country.  RIF programs can be found in all 50 states and our program at TAPP has been in existence since 2004.

Twice a year (in October and March) each student is able to select several new books for her child.  Students who have children in our childcare center read to them in their classroom on that day.  Students who are not parenting, as yet, also select books for their future child to start their reading library. 

More information on the national RIF organization can be found on their website along with links to reading activity websites for children (Leading to Reading and Reading Planet - at the bottom of the home page).

Next RIF Distribution Day

Our RIF Distribution Days have changed

this year due to the pandemic.

Please watch your email and listen to announcements

concerning our next distribution in March 2022.

Remember to Read Every Day!


Reading to Your Baby

Reading to your baby every day is a very important part of your child's development.  Just a few minutes each day when they are babies and progressing to about ten minutes each day when they are three will ensure that your child has a good foundation on which to build their reading skills.

For reading development and info, check out PBS Parents website for Reading Milestones:

RIF Distribution Schedule

Students with children in childcare:

 9:10-9:30 am     Big & Little Owl’s & Tigger's

                               (also Co-op students)

 9:40-10:00 am   Big & Little Eeyore's

 10:15-10:40 am   Piglet’s (If your baby is asleep you will be given a note to return later.)

Students with no children in childcare (as yet):

 10:50-11:10     All other students.


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