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Fern Creek High School Library: READSTRONG

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Welcome to READSTRONG!

    Join in the fun... get rewards for READING! 


You can now submit your READSTRONG forms online!!

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Featured readers

For the first time we had a back-to-back Reader of the Year in 2018 & 2019. Susu came in a as a fantasy loving reader and showed off her prowess as a highly competitive, determined reader. She had to move for senior year, but we're sure she would have accepted the challenge of anyone trying to out do her efforts! Let's hope her new school library is ready for her.

Stephanie was the 2016-17 Reader of the Year. She loved to read stories with strong female characters who kicked butt!  Additionally, Stephanie was the fearless leader of the school's Anime Club and singer extraordinaire. She is fiercely missed after graduation!

Chloe was our top reader in 2015-16 and only a freshman! She enjoys reading romances and mysteries.  Her English teacher, Ms. Morris says, "Chloe is such a focused reader that sometimes I would have to walk over to her in the classroom and actually touch her desk or shoulder to let her know independent reading time had ended! She not only loves to read, she needs to read, which is a beautiful thing for an English teacher to witness."

Megan was the big reader in 2014-15. This super-senior managed to take multiple AP classes, get fabulous grades and read 200 books!! She particularly enjoys reading fantasy fiction. We wish Megan best of luck 2015-16 as she starts a new adventure: college! 

Yara was the mega-reader in 2013-14. As a freshman, she challenged the upper classmen step it up! Yara enjoys reading books with characters involved in relationships - she likes "the drama." :)

Zach was our second READSTRONG mega-reader. In 2012-13 he read more than 168 books.  He enjoyed reading mostly science fiction and fantasy.

James was our first READSTRONG mega-reader.  In 2011-12 he read more than 200 books that he documented through the program!  During his freshman and sophomore years he mostly read fiction – “with little or no literary merit.”  Junior year he discovered classic and adult literature and now prefers to read non-fiction, especially philosophy, psychology and medical books.  James, a senior, plans to go to college and wants to be a veterinarian.



READSTRONG Celebrations



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