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Fern Creek High Research: Welcome


​Gale databases curated for our school to meet any of your research needs! Dive into science, social studies, history, literature and more to find authoritative reference content alongside magazine and journal articles, primary sources, videos, audio podcasts and images! These databases are continuously updated to provide current information.


The Purdue OWL has many hints and suggestions to help you in research projects, including evaluating sources and using the information to create a research product. 

Check out the links under Conducting Research

If you use website sources, see the PowerPoint slides under Searching Online.

Student research

  Two great resources to try!

Britannica - comprehensiveindepth place to start your research!




Scholastic GO! - another great starting place for research with maps, pictures and information, news updates, a daily pro/con feature and newspapers from around the world!  Follow this link and click on Scholastic GO!





For articles, use explora    



ProQuest -   More opportunities to explore resources! 


Source evaluation

Always evaluate your sources!  Use these steps (CRAAP):


  • When was the information published?
  • Can I find sources that are more up-to-date?


  • Is the information helping me answer my research questions?
  • Is the information too simple or brief?  Is it too difficult to understand?


  • Does the information seem believable?
  • Did you find similar or different information from other sources?


  • Who is the author or publisher of this information?
  • Is this person/organization an expert in the topic?


  • What's the purpose of the information? Is it to sell or educate?
  • Is this information used for persuasion or propaganda? 



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