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Library Media Services: Librarian PLCs


JCPS Librarian PLCs



(Leader in bold)


Focus for 2017-18

City Tech

Teresa Gamble, Debbie (Connelly) Gilmore,  Jill Hutto, Ashleigh Kraus, Leah McMahan, Maggie Sandefur, Jessica Thomas

Third Monday



●       Book studies on deeper learning and    PBL .Each member will lead a different book study

Digital Backpacks Elementary

Laura Avis, Donna Johnson, Theresa Mayer, Lisa Winebrenner

2nd Mondays


●       Supporting Backpack Initiative

●       Supporting 5th Grade defense

Digital Curators

Kim Anderson, Kelly Bowles, Lou Coomer, Heidi Keairns, Sarah O’Hair, Carrie Mateja, Debbie Melnykovych, Cara Panther,  Teri Skipworth, Jennifer Stewart, Elizabeth Totten, Ann Trompeter

3rd Wednesdays


Field Elem.

●       LibGuide Support

●       Digital Resources to Support Backpack


Digital Skills

Tammi Dawson, Sharon Frank, Lindsey Roberts

3rd Tuesday


Rotate member schools

●       Curating/Integrating Digital Resources

●       Google Classroom

●       Makerspace


 Nancy Chiara,  Erin Reed, Julie Wileman

 2nd Mondays


●       Student engagement topics (Reader's Advisory, Tech Tools, Google, Open K-12)

Engaging Students with Literature and Digital Resources

Amy Fallahay, Tracie Graves, Joy Hardin, Lori Milliner,  Jessica Sowder, Carla Thornton

Third Tuesday


Camp Taylor

●       Print and Digital instructional resources, lessons, and programming that create a culture of reading


Full STEAM Planning Ahead

Ashleigh Kraus, Jessica Thomas


Dixie Hwy area

●      STEAM week (collaboration across special areas)

●      STEAM projects

●      School STEAM night

Google Certification and Google Classroom

Laura Beth Akers, Carol Hawkins, Hannah Heun, Cindy Mcnary-Atchison, Kristina Morgan-Weber


●       Google Certification

●       Google Classroom in the Elementary LMC

High School Googlers

Rebecca Ansari, Pam Coomer, Susan Gasaway, Ashley Henderson, Adrian Layne, Debbie Martin, Gwen Moore, Tamara Page,  Sylvia Rhodes, 

1st Thursdays


Male HS

●       Google Certification

●       Google Drive and Classroom

●       Digital integration in library

●       Collaboration

Librarians Technology Toolset

Stephen Beck, Emily Freeman, Jamey Herdelin, Sara Lennon, Annie-Laurie McCord, Sarah O'Hair

3rd Tuesdays

South Central LFPL


●      Google Classroom in the Library

●      Google Certification

●      LibGuide updates and features

●      Digital Backpack in the LMC


LibGuide Basics

Stacie Alvey, Amy Baker, Whitney Cox, Kim Curry, Jennifer Geddes, Cindy Hundley, Emily Jennings, Heather Kirkman, Angela Manuel-Perez, Sarah O’Hair, Jamie Poynter, Crystal Puryear, Julie Rightley, Robbie Travis

2nd Wednesdays

South Central LFPL

●       LibGuides for curating resources

●       Digital Backpack Support

Middle/High LibGuides

Kelly Caso, Stephanie Conrad, Brent Downs, Jessica Downs, Emily Grady, Sarah O'Hair, Angie Moore, Sydney Travis, Heather Waters, Shannon Wilson


Third Tuesday

South Central LFPL

●       Create/Maintain student/staff resources using LibGuides to enhance student achievement and library programming

●       Collaboration


Library National Boards

Carol Hawkins, Jennifer Geddes, Julie Hobbs, Brooke Leith, Lisa Phillips


●      Pursue Library National Board Certification


New Librarians


Patrick Avery, Tracy Beck, Laura Greer, Shawn Haupt, Kathleen Ketchem, Staci Kottkamp, Janet Lanham,  Lisa Phillips, Mandy Taylor, Amanda Wilcoxson

Second Thursday



●       Become familiar with responsibilities, routines, procedures, management, programming, and instruction related to JCPS school library programs.

P3 Libraries

Kristina Bloch, Victor Darrigrandi, Jennifer Koch, Erin Wallace, Linda Wrins-Ryan

2nd Mondays


●       PBL

●       Phenomenon/Passion Based Teaching and Learning

Resource Sharing via Google/LibGuide

 Jennifer Adams, Andrea Panucci, Kristin Piemann

 3rd Tuesdays (Sept-Oct)

2nd Tuesdays (Nov, Jan, Feb, March)


●       Identify/Share resources for content area support via LibGuides

●       Utilize Google Suite to integrate/ share resources

Smack Dab in the Middle

Hope Cooke, Lindsay Kokai

3rd Tuesdays

3-4 pm

Barnes & Noble

●       Digital Backpacks

●       Google Classroom

Warrior Librarians

Philip Dunnagan, James Embry, Terra Murphy, Wendy Stoll

4th Tuesday

●       LibGuides

●       Digital Curation/Communication






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