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School Library Media Center Statistics: School Library Data


School libraries are not just a place for students or patrons to come and get books or use library resources. Instead, it is an integral part of the learning that takes place every day at our schools. Being an expert on books, advising readers on great books, and taking care of books is just a small part of what school Librarians do, but it is a critical part that requires reflection on collection development data. The following information may facilitate understanding your school library collection data:

• Ten (10) books per student is the recommended minimum (e-books are included as a “book”)

• Average collection age should be newer than 2014

• Non-print materials include audio books, CDs, and DVDs

Each school library’s data should be a part of an annual report (JCPS Board Policy 08.233) compiled by the school librarian that includes both quantitative and qualitative data to reflect how students are learning, discovering, creating, and evaluating with us every day.


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