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Kimberly Curry
H.B. Slaughter Elementary
3805 Fern Valley Road
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 485-8328


​Gale databases curated for our school! InfoBits covers a broad range of topics and includes images, articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and the news.  National Geographic Kids includes topics on science, nature and space with videos and articles. 

ABDO eBooks

Take a look at these always available digital books from ABDO! This means that any student can read any of these titles anytime. No waiting times ever. Literary Calendar

Favorite Genre

What is your favorite GENRE?
Graphic Novels: 390 votes (69.64%)
Fairy Tales: 85 votes (15.18%)
Realistic Fiction: 8 votes (1.43%)
Historical Fiction: 24 votes (4.29%)
Biography: 5 votes (0.89%)
Mystery: 27 votes (4.82%)
Informational: 5 votes (0.89%)
Sports Nonfiction: 3 votes (0.54%)
Sports Fiction: 5 votes (0.89%)
Poetry: 8 votes (1.43%)
Total Votes: 560

Slaughter Elementary School
3805 Fern Valley Rd., Louisville, KY 40219