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Diane Bundy
Rutherford Elementary School
301 W Southland Blvd
Louisville, KY 40214
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​Gale databases curated for our school! InfoBits covers a broad range of topics and includes images, articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and the news.  National Geographic Kids includes topics on science, nature and space with videos and articles. 

ABDO eBooks

Take a look at these always available digital books from ABDO! This means that any student can read any of these titles anytime. No waiting times ever. 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Rutherford Elementary Library Media Center seeks to provide a variety of media that enhances the curriculum and celebrates literacy in the areas of language arts, social studies, visual arts, science, math, and practical living, as well as personal growth and development, and fosters respect for a multicultural community.  The library media center will strive to equip students with life long information skills which will enable them to succeed in the school community and prepare them for college.


The Rutherford Elementary Library Media Center embraces the American Library Association's philosophy that "information literacy--the ability to find and use information-- is the keystone of lifelong learning."
American Library Association. Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning. Chicago:  American Library Association. 1998.

Rutherford Elementary School
301 Southland Blvd., Louisville, KY 40214