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LMS Preview Books: Welcome

Welcome to the LMS Book Review Page

The LMS Book Review Page is a guide created for JCPS Librarians to use when considering purchases to build and add to their collections.  Books reviewed here are previewed and rated by our JCPS librarians.  Reviews are divided into Elementary, Middle and High School levels, and they include title, author, ISBN, and other pertinent information needed to help librarians make an informed decision for purchasing. 

School librarians can select up to 30 books for the school library collection in exchange for writing reviews.  Reviews MUST be done by JCPS librarians, not students, aides or clerks.  Submit one review for every five books requested.

To peruse the collection, visit the OPAC.  To request up to 30 titles, please create a list and email it to  Requests will be filled in the order received.  


For more questions, contact Jessica Garvin at 485-7770.

Book Review Form