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Misunderstood Shark

Our second graders read "Misunderstood Shark: Friends Don't Eat Friends," and made shark hand puppets. 

Reading Nook

Come relax in our reading nook! You can checkout one of our new books, or grab an old favorite!

Final Coding Projects

Students synergized to create an unplugged coding board game. They then presented their project to the entire 4th and 5th grade! 

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Backpack Success Skills

Backpack Success Skills


Prepared and Resilient Learner

1.  Demonstrates knowledge of content skills and standards
2.  Applies content knowledge to real world contests and in interdisciplinary ways
3.  Reflects on successes and challenges, and makes appropriate adjustments in order to meet academic, personal and professional goals
4.  Employs organizational and project management skills to achieve academic, personal and professional growth
5.  Sets Personal goals for transition readiness, explores post-secondary options and takes actionable steps toward realizing both

Prepared and Resilient Learner

  1. I understand the content that is being taught at my grade level.

  2. I apply knowledge to real life situations and across content areas.

  3. I look back on both my successes and failures, and I make changes in order to meet my goals in the future.

  4. I am organized and know how to manage my time and resources to meet my goals.

  5. I have goals for my life outside of school.  I have plans for my life after I graduate and I know what it will take to achieve them.

Globally and Culturally Competent Citizen

1.  Explores community and global issues from the perspectives of those most impacted and creates actionable solutions
2.  Employs democratic processes to come to decisions and solutions
3.  Compassionate and empathetic toward others
4.  Promotes a sense of belonging for others
5.  Respects different cultures, perspectives and beliefs

Globally and Culturally Competent Citizen

  1. I put myself in others’ shoes when learning about issues from around the world, and try to come up with solutions to different problems.

  2. I try to be fair and listen to everyone’s opinion when I come up with solutions or reach a decision.

  3. I have a caring and understanding attitude toward others.

  4. I try to help others feel like they belong.

  5. I show respect for people who are different than me.

Emerging Innovator

1. Employs a sense of curiosity and inquiry; seeks to learn
2.  Asks questions to extend, challenge and clarify the thinking of self and others
3.  Applies a design process(e.g. Research, ideations, modeling, prototyping and testing) to create new solutions, products, and processes
4.  Uses relevant information and feedback to continually improve solutions, products and processes
5.  Takes appropriate risks, and makes adjustments based on successes and failures

Emerging Innovator

  1. I am curious, ask a lot of questions, and like to learn new things.

  2. I ask questions to make sure my classmates and I understand what we are being taught and to find out more about what we are learning.

  3. I follow the design process (research, ideation, modeling, prototyping, and testing) to solve problems and create new things.

  4. I take risks.  I make changes based on things that work and things that don’t.

Effective Communicator

1.  Uses appropriate conventions and evidence to convey ideas clearly in writing, verbally, digitally and visually
2.  Adapts message to purpose and needs of the audience
3.  Uses discipline-specific writing conventions, formats and vocabulary to communicate ideas
4.  Uses technology effectively and responsibly

Effective Communicator

  1. I express my ideas clearly and correctly in many formats - verbally, digitally, visually, and in writing.

  2. I change my message in order to suit my audience.

  3. I use vocabulary and writing skills that are specific to the subject area I am talking about.

  4. I responsibly use technology to help communicate my ideas

Productive Collaborator

1.  Works effectively with diverse groups to accomplish a common goal
2.  Gives and receives meaningful feedback
3.  Assumes personal responsibility for team outcomes
4.  Actively listens to understand others’ ideas and perspectives

Productive Collaborator

  1. I work well with others to reach a common goal.

  2. I give feedback that is helpful. I listen and take into consideration feedback that is given to me.

  3. I take personal responsibility for team outcomes. I do not take all the credit for success or blame others for failures.

  4. I actively listen to others’ ideas and points of view.


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​Gale databases curated for our school! InfoBits covers a broad range of topics and includes images, articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and the news.  National Geographic Kids includes topics on science, nature and space with videos and articles. 

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