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Backpack Defense for Middle: Home

Students Must Become Experts in Something About Which They are Passionate

The JCPS Student Backpack of Success Skills can be a rehash of what has been done before. Or it can be TRANSFORMATIVE. To be truly transformative, teachers must think differently, view students differently, and teach differently.  We must enable students to become EXPERTS in things in which they are interested, even if it is something we don't know much about. Teachers can find ways to connect those interests to any subject area; that is PERSONALIZED LEARNING.  And when students are treated as experts, then they will be ENGAGED and EMPOWERED to defend their learning with great PASSION.


Empowering Students to Be the Experts

Peer Feedback in the Classroom

Fires in the Middle School Bathroom

Seeing What Others Cannot See: The Hidden Advantages of Visual Thinkers and Differently Wired Brains

Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School

Student Survey: Become an Expert

Understanding and Teaching Adolescents


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