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Maupin Elementary Library: Hour of Code

Hour of Code Introduction

BeKids Coding Challenges Pre-reader- Grade 5

Be Kids Coding Challenges

Join Grace, Zac and Dot the Robot on an adventure in the Loop Galaxy! Code with blocks to complete exciting tasks, and learn the basics of algorithms, sequences and loops!

Minecraft Hero's Journey Grades 2-12

Build and explore with Minecraft! Players write code that instructs the agent to execute their commands and overcome in-game obstacles.

Minecraft Voyage Aquatic Grades 2-12

Minecraft Voyage Aquatic Coding Game

Build and explore with Minecraft! Use your creativity and problem solving skills to explore and build underwater worlds with code. 

Rodocodo: Code Hour Pre-reader to Grade 5

Rodocodo Bock Coding Gamer

Rodocodo Cat is on a mission! Can you help? Learn to code while exploring 5 new exciting worlds with over 40 levels to complete.

Beaver Achiever Pre-reader - Grade 5

Beaver Achiever Game by Code Monkey

Help a beaver achieve it's goals! Dive into this beaver's natural habitat with a fun-packed coding activity that will jump-start your coding education. Beavers can swim, collect wood, and build dams. This little beaver needs your help. Use the simple blocks of code to complete the dam in the lake so the water remains calm, build a house, and make smoothies!

Dance Party Grades 2+

Dance party coding game

Code a Dance Party to share with your friends. Featuring Beyoncé, Lizzo, Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Selena Gomez, music from Disney's 'Encanto', and more!

Creative Coding Adventures Pre-reader to Grade 5

Creative Coding Adventures with be kids

Create fun geometric patterns, and craft car routes through exciting challenges. Unleash creativity, enhance logic, and get to know the art of programming!

Sparks Flying K-5

You can live in a cave in prehistoric times! Code a game to help you light a fire quickly,

NASA's Space Jam Grades 2+

Nasa's Space Jam Coding Game

You will program planets to make music that is out of this world. Complete your own musical solar system, complete with banging drums and spacey melodies. 

Poem Art Grades 2-8

Poem Art coding game

Illustrate the mood of a poem with code. 

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