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Teacher Resource Center: Bulletin Board and Project Ideas

Library Inspired

Teacher Resource Center, Summer 2022. Reused book from previous board, cardstock and Variquest. Katie font, connected letters, 5".

Teacher Resource Center Spring 2022, Created using cardstock and Variquest. Michelle font, 4" & 6" connected letters. Reused flowers from previous board.

Winter Board 2021-22 Used bulletin board paper for background and snow; Poster Maker for lamppost lights; yarn, felt and fabric scraps for mittens; cardstock & Variquest for letters, Theresa and Heidi fonts.

Fall Board 2021 Created at TRC using bulletin board paper, cardstock and printed pages. Variquest, Katie Font, connected and individual letters. Die cuts and watercolor paints for leaves. 

Spring Board 2020 Created at TRC using bulletin board paper & cardstock. Die Cut butterflies, Variquest Dee & Janet fonts. 

Winter Board 2019-20 Created at TRC using bulletin board paper & cardstock. Variquest cutout trees & words in Michelle and Theresa fonts

Fall Board 2019 Created at TRC using maroon bulletin board paper & cardstock. Variquest books & words, heidi font - connected letters

Created by E. Grady, JCTM: The TOP 100 Titles checked out in 2018-19 are listed on the feathers.

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Power of YET bulletin board created by K. Morgan @ Minor Daniels Academy using cardstock and Variquest Cutout Maker.

Created by T. Hicks for YMCA for Bullying Prevention Month October 2021. Used Variquest Deon font and cardstock.

Photo Op Backdrop for an Early Childhood Classroom at Hazelwood, Created by Ms. Telena & Ms. Yuvi,

Bulletin Board paper for rainbow stripe background, Variquest and Poster Maker for large letters, Laminator

Variquest Flowers - layer shapes and colors to create dimension

Cardstock, Variquest Cutout Maker, Laminator

Flowers created by April Raines, PRP HS

Game Boards created for YMCA Summer Program using Tri-fold Boards, Poster Maker, & Bulletin Board Paper


Mental Health Month Bulletin Boards created by K. Morgan @ Breckinridge Metro. Flowers created with Ellison Die Cuts & words created on Variquest Cutout Maker.

Emoji die cuts and words created on Variquest Cut Out Maker, masks hand cutouts

Bulletin Board installed by E. Grady @ JCTM, with plans to add staff photos 

Welcome Bulletin Boards

Camp Edwards Education Complex Welcome Board, Summer 2022. Used full sun from Spring 2021. Added picnic and grill die cuts from Variquest.


Camp Edwards Education Complex Welcome Board, Spring 2021, created at TRC using poster printer & cardstock. Background created/printed with Poster Maker Design Center and Cannon ColorPro Printer. Variquest grass border, flowers, clouds, sun & words in Katie font - connected letters.

Camp Edwards Education Complex Welcome Board, Winter 2021-22. Swapped partial sun for grey clouds and snowflakes. Swapped grass border for "snowy" landscape. Added trees and snowmen. Cardstock, construction paper, bulletin board paper and a lone sock (for hats and scarves).

Camp Edwards Education Complex Welcome Board, Fall 2021. Swapped flowers and full sun for pumpkins. Pumpkins made with layered ovals. This is a recreation of the original bulletin board made in Fall 2019.

Inspiration for TRC's Bulletin Board,

TRC's Bulletin Board created using Lite Blue bb paper and cardstock. Variquest cutout grass border, circles and words, Michelle font - connected letters.

VariQuest Fonts

These die cut fonts and thousands of images are currently available on VariQuest Design Center/Cutout Maker.

Ending the Day

How do you say goodbye?

Door banner created in Poster Artist, laminated

Black History Month

Bulletin Board created by T. Hicks, Greater Louisville YMCA CEP


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