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St. Matthews Elementary Library: Student Resources

Library World

Story Time From Space

Watch astronauts reading aloud books you will enjoy from the International Space Station! Look for these books under the heading "Story Time Videos". There are also demonstrations to complement the concepts found in the books under the heading "Science Time Videos". Story Time From Space is a project of the Global Space Education Foundation.


Louisville Free Public Library



​Gale databases curated for our school! InfoBits covers a broad range of topics and includes images, articles from encyclopedias, magazines, and the news.  National Geographic Kids includes topics on science, nature and space with videos and articles. 


KET Education / PBS LearningMedia


Leveled informational articles on science and social studies topics with read along audio provided by professional voice over artists

PBS Kids

Mission U.S.

Prodigy Math

Typetastic: Typing Practice


St. Matthews Elementary School
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