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Fern Creek High Classes: O'Riley

This Guide houses resources for particular classes


​Gale databases curated for our school to meet any of your research needs! Dive into science, social studies, history, literature and more to find authoritative reference content alongside magazine and journal articles, primary sources, videos, audio podcasts and images! These databases are continuously updated to provide current information.



Author's name. "Article title." Website, publisher,

date, url.

Jones, Marian Moser. “American Nurses in World 

War I.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, 2012,



Database article:

Author's name. "Article title." Journal Title, v. #, issue #,

date, p. #. Database title, url.

Small, Stephen C. "Women in American Military History,

1776-1918." Military Review, vol. 78, no. 2,

Mar/Apr98, p. 101. EBSCOhost,


Author's name. Book title. Publisher, date.

Asselin, Kristine Carlson. Women in World War I

Essential Library/Abdo Publishing, 2016.




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