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Ramsey Middle School Library: Research Basics


Research Basics

What: Use the Gale Research Database to gather information about something you want to learn more about.

Why: It's important to use reliable and accurate sources of information that you can trust.

How: Choose an article about your topic of interest. Make sure to save a permanent link to your article and the source citation for your article on the Research Document google doc.

Today's Lesson:

1. Click on the "Gale Research Database Link" and select "Middle School." Click on the light bulb icon to "Browse Topics." Choose a topic for your research.

2. Open the Research Document link and make a copy so you can edit the document.

3. On the Research Document, write down important facts, quotes, and notes about your topic. Don't forget to include the article link (choose "get link" at the top right corner of the page) and source citation (found at the bottom of the article).

4. When you finish your  Research Document, watch the three video links about the Research Process (found below). You may also check out a book.



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