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Ramsey Middle School Library: Dewey Decimal System


Dewey Decimal Classification

Dewey Decimal Links

1. Watch the very informative Dewey Decimal System video.

2. Listen to the Dewey Decimal Rap for a "cringey" overview of the Dewey Decimal System

3. Next, play the Shelver Game to see if you have mad shelving skills.

* Don't forget to read the "About" and "How to Play" Sections.

* Play a few times, both Fiction and Non-Fiction and make sure to try each Level from 1-3.

4. Use the library catalog (Library Name = Ramsey Middle, no password) to find a good book that you would like to check out of the library. Make sure to write down the call number so you know where to find the book on the shelf.

5. Bring your book & agenda to Mrs. Leith at the circulation desk to "check out" the book.

6. Finally, answer the Dewey Decimal Form questions about the book your checked out.

Dewey Decimal Info


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