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Coral Ridge Elementary Library: Contests

Kahoot! Challenge


Join us in our current Kahoot! challenge! Get the free app through Google Play or the App Store, open it up, and use the following pin to start your game:


0894957-- Kindness Month (ends 2/29/20 5:00 pm) 

0524311-- Black History Month (ends 2/29/20 5:00PM) 



PLEASE enter your real first name and last initial for your nickname so I can tell who won. For example, Susie Smith would enter "Susie S." as her nickname. Remember, the faster you input the correct answer, the more points you get, but you do NOT lose points for wrong answers. So if you don't know the answer-Guess!! Good luck!




Kahoot Challenge Winners!

A super big CONGRATULATIONS to our Kahoot! challenge winners!

2/1-2/15: Trey K.

  • SCORE: 11,325

1/16-1/31: Mackenzie T.

  • SCORE: 1,762

1/1-1/15: Catherine J.

  • SCORE: 19,552

12/16-12/31: No winner :(

12/1-12/15: Madison A.

  • SCORE: 9,876

Thanksgiving Challenge: Arianna K.

  • SCORE: 15,085

11/16-11/30: Zachary T.

  • SCORE: 14,439

11/1-11/15: No winner :(

10/16-10/31: No winner. :(

10/1-10/15: Maya G.

  • SCORE: 17,271

9/16-9/30: Skylair S.

  • SCORE: 4,795

9/1-9/15: Jackson P.

  • SCORE: 20,177

Trick or Treat Contest Reveal


RESULTS: Every grade had a tie, so I chose the winners of the $10 Scholastic gift certificates by random draw. Those who tied but were not drawn as the winners are the runners-up, who will each receive a bookmark of their choice.

  • K WINNER: Waylon W. (6 right)
    • K RUNNERS-UP: Isla J., Cali J.
  • 1ST GRADE WINNER: Levi L. (9 right)
    • 1ST GRADE RUNNERS-UP: Camden W., Paige R.
  • 2ND GRADE WINNER: Kinsey S. (12 right)
    • 2ND GRADE RUNNERS-UP: Aubrey J., Maddy G., Cesar E., Maddie C., Stella S., Essence S., Justin K.
  • 3RD GRADE WINNER: Kaylee K. (12 right)
    • 3RD GRADE RUNNERS-UP: Ruth B. A., Xavier D., Lydia S., Abigail N., Callie P., Dulce R. M. 
  • 4TH GRADE WINNER: Jackson P. (12 right)
    • 4TH GRADE RUNNERS-UP:  Braylon S., Cindy A., Jocelyn J., Joselyn R., Randi P., Aylin L. C., Aubrey C., Skylair S. 
  • 5TH GRADE WINNER: Madison A. (12 right)
    • 5TH GRADE RUNNERS-UP: Isaiah H., Jose G. M., Nick B., David S. P., Lydia S. 

Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!


Trivia Question of the Week

Trivia Contest Winners!

A super big CONGRATULATIONS to our trivia contest winners!

2/3-2/7: George H.

  • QUESTION: You can find some new, popular, and celebratory books on the Bookpix slide on our LibGuide. Name one book currently featured there for Black History Month.
  • ANSWER: George chose Martin Luther King, Jr. from the "Show Me History" graphic novel series.

1/27-1/31: Jodie C.

  • QUESTION: The Newbery Medal is given every year to the children's book with the best writing published during the previous year. Six authors have won the Newbery Medal twice. Name one of those winning books we have in our library.
  • ANSWERThere are 12; Jodie chose Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.

1/21-1/24: Gabriel K.

  • QUESTION: The Caldecott Medal is given every year to the children's book with the best illustrations published during the previous year. The 2018 winner was Hello Lighthouse, illustrated by Sophie Blackall. Name another book we have in our library that was illustrated by her.
  • ANSWERThere are 13; Gabriel chose Finding Winnie.

1/13-1/17: Catherine J.

  • QUESTION: January 20th is when Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday is celebrated as a National Holiday this year. Dr. King's birthday was first observed as a National Holiday in 1986, thanks to President Ronald Reagan. How old would Dr. King have been on the first Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?
  • ANSWER: 57

1/7-1/10: Ruth G.

  • QUESTION: January 7th was National Bobblehead Day! What series of biographies do we have in the library with bobblehead-like illustrations on the covers?
  • ANSWER: The Who Was? series. 

12/16-12/20: Grant L.

  • QUESTION: December 18th is Arabic Language Day. What popular picture book do we have an Arabic version of in our library?
  • ANSWER: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

12/9-12/13: Jodie C.

  • QUESTION: Many people believe Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. What popular FICTION series in our library has a book that deals with bad luck?
  • ANSWER: Judy Moody. 

12/2-12/6: Karma R.

  • QUESTION: Wednesday, December 4th, is National Cookie Day! What is Mrs. Johnson's favorite cookie?
  • ANSWER: Karma took the Cookie Poll on the Just For Fun tab and found out the answer is snickerdoodles!

11/25-11/29: Catherine J.

  • QUESTION: Turkey is a traditional food served at Thanksgiving in America. What does our LibGuide turkey have to say about that?
  • ANSWER: Our LibGuide turkey was located on the What Do You Think? tab, and he said, "Gobble!"

11/18-11/22: Ruth G.

  • QUESTION: Recently, Mrs. Johnson met Lauren Tarshis, the author of the I Survived series of books. Name ONE I Survived book that we have in our library
  • ANSWER: We have them all; Ruth chose The Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967.

10/21-11/15: Sydney C.

  • QUESTION: Recently, the 4th grade went on a camping trip! In the 1990s, there was a TV series with kids telling scary stories around a campfire. What was the name of that series?
  • ANSWER: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

10/14-10/18: Kayla V.

  • QUESTION: Friday was the annual Coral Ridge Fall Festival! How many books do we have in our library have the word "festival" in their catalog entry?
  • ANSWER: 77

10/7-10/11: Betzhy CG.

  • QUESTION: After a break for Book Fair and Fall Break, Coral Ridge Cubs First Five Fridays (#CRcubsFFF) will resume this week. Name one book featured in a previous edition of #CRcubsFFF.
  • ANSWER: There are several; Betzhy chose Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess. 

9/30-10/4: Haley D.

  • QUESTION: Did you know that October is Cookbook Month? We have several cookbooks available for checkout in our library. What is the Dewey Decimal number for cookbooks? 
  • ANSWER: 641.5

9/16-9/27: Kylie S.

  • QUESTION: September's birthstone is the sapphire. We have a book featuring an ANIMAL named after this blue gem. What kind of ANIMAL is Sapphire?
  • ANSWER: A unicorn

9/9-9/13: Madison D.

  • QUESTION: International Dot Day takes place on or about September 15 each year. What is the NAME of the app Kindergartners and 1st graders will use to celebrate Dot Day?
  • ANSWER: Quiver

​9/2-9/6: Randi P.

  • QUESTION: September 6th is National Read a Book Day! Name one of our newest books in the library!
  • ANSWER:  There are several; Randi chose Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas.



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