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Eastern High School Library: COVID-19 Time Capsule

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COVID-19 Time Capsule

Hello Eagles,

As you are well aware, you are living through a worldwide historical event.  Every American life is impacted by this unprecedented experience.  May I suggest that you record history? Why? First-hand accounts of history are the most interesting.  Some suggestions are listed below on how you might do this.

Formatting Ideas

Some ideas on how you might format your time capsule:

  • create a scrapbook - this could be digital or physical
  • draw or paint your perspective - maybe a collage
  • create a living document that you can share with friends and family to get their perspectives too (for example, my family has a shared Google document where we can record what is happening, and I admit that not everyone is participating but those who are include screenshots of texts relevant to the virus, favorite memes, and my UK student included the bingo board going around related to her program at school with her answers marked)
  • create a video 
    • interview family
    • interview friends (you can do this through a recorded Facetime or have them send you video or audio files)
    • Interview relatives who can compare this to another historical event that happened in their lifetime

What to Include

Here are some questions you might ask yourself to decide what to include?

  • What news did I get, and how did I get it? Was it accurate? Be sure to include how lives were impacted by things like the great toilet paper shortage and school and business closures.
  • What books did you read, and what did you think of them?
  • How did you connect with friends and family while social distancing?
  • Don't forget to note with whom you were quarantined.
  • Don't forget to include your city and state. 
  • What was it like to transition to Non-traditional instruction?  What did you like? What was challenging?
  • How old are you?
  • What grade are you in?
  • What are some of your favorite apps?
  • What entertainment did you enjoy at this time? TV shows? YouTube? Video Games? Movies? Board games? Puzzles?
  • How did your family celebrate during this time? (examples: birthdays, religious observances) How were these things the same and different from your usual celebrations?
  • What was particularly challenging for your family?
  • What good things happened?

Final Thoughts

The Internet is rich with ideas on how to create a time capsule during this time.  Explore it for some great ideas.

One of our family treasures is a pocket journal my maternal grandfather kept during WWII.  I never met him but can get a glimpse of his personality by going through that journal.  Who knows?  You may create a family treasure yourself.

You can also submit your work to the Frazier Museum.  What if your record of history ended up in a museum?


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