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Louisville Male High School Library: Backpack

Backpack Videos

Essential Videos & Documents for JCPS Backpack:

Backpack Defense Checklist

Instructions for Backpack "Showcase Feature"

Backpack Defense Important Notes: Video & Notes

Backpack Defense Rubric Video

Backpack Defense Overview Document Video & Document

Panelist Question Document Video & Document

Senior Defense Reflection Prompt Video & Document

Examples of Evidence for Each Skill


Excellent Presentation Examples

Example 1

Example 2

Mr. Daniel's Tips and Links

iPhone Tip:

If you have an iPhone and you are using the notes function, when you start to add another note it can be a "scan" of a document.   When using this method, it allows you to put more than one page in each file.  So that 10 page document is now 1 document!  Then it allows you to send it directly to Google Drive (where the backpack folders are)! 


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