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Fern Creek High School Library: Curbside book pick-up

NTI resource links require a password - see the "Fern Creek Students Only" page to access passwords!


Important - Read all of the information in each box below before picking up your books!

How to pick-up books

Pick your book up:

Flexible schedule, 9am-2pm - Once you have received email confirmation that your book is ready, pick-up will take place at the main entrance. Ring the bell and Ms. Tenic will hand your bagged book to you. Wear a mask and stay 6 feet away!

Covid-19 Safety precautions

Important! Please READ the following information!

For the safety of everyone, please follow the guidelines:

  • Pickup and return books at the front entrance (by the main office); ring the bell when you arrive. The office is open 9am-2pm.

  • A staff member will deliver the books to you or take your bagged books from you. (Staff members will follow CDC guidelines, ex. wearing a mask, gloves and sanitizing hands between visitors.)

  • Wear a mask and stay 6 feet away!

  • The books will be pre-bagged with your name, you will not be able change your book selection on site. Return books in the same bag!

  • Please do not report to school to pick up library books if you or anyone in your household is sick - come another day!


Returning books

Return your book - 

Use the same bag you in which you received them. Drop off 9am-2pm at the main entrance; just ring the bell and Ms. Tenic will get your book. Wear a mask and stay 6 feet away!

Directions for reserving books


  • Contact Ms. Martin through the libguide ( or directly through email to request a certain book.
  • Use LibraryWorld to search for books (library name: Fern Creek High School; no password). If a title is available, open the record and click "Request Hold," then fill out the form.
  • You may checkout up to 3 books; checkout period will be 3 weeks - books may be renewed for as long as you need them - just contact Ms. Martin ( to renew!
  • For further instructions, view the video located in the box below:

How to use LibraryWorld to reserve books


Fern Creek High School
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