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Research: Citing Sources

Citation Maker

Below are links to creating MLA citations.


Sample Work Cited page

How do I type a work cited page?

Below is a link to an example of a work cited page with directions on how it is to be typed.

Purdue OWL

In-text Citations

In-text citation is the authors name and the page number where the information that you are quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing is located within a parenthesis. The professional term for this is a parenthetical citation. It is a direct connection to your work cited page.

One Author

“We exist in essentially three states: awake, in deep sleep, and in dreaming sleep.” (Finkbeiner 41)

Work Cited

Ann, Finkbeiner. "Eyes Wide Shut." New Scientist. 11 30 2013: 41-42. Print.

With more than one author you either put all of their names or the first author’s name followed by et al (Latin: and others)

(Murray, Alexander, Wilcox 33) or (Murray et al. 33)

No Author

With no author you place the first word or short phase. If it is an article put quotes around. If it is a book put the title in italics.

Article: (“Automation” 12)  Book:  (Sleep Disorders 48)


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