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What's happening?


Get ready for the 2018-2019 Winter Break Reading Challenge!! There will be prizes awarded according to the number of points earned. I will be giving you a form  on Thursday, December 20, with which to track your progress.

The answer to how is yes

                                                                                    ---Peter Block

Best Place Ever!!

Western Middle SFA is part of the Project LIT Community!

Project LIT is a grassroots literacy movement empowering readers and leaders in hundreds of schools & communities across the country.   


Justyce McAllister is top of his class and set for the Ivy League--but none of that matters to the police officer who just put him in handcuffs.

A Pakistani-American Muslim girl struggles to stay true to her family's vibrant culture while simultaneously blending in at school after tragedy strikes her community.

 A red oak tree and a crow help their human neighbors work out their differences after a threat against an immigrant family is carved into the tree's trunk.

After seventh-grader Jerome is shot by a white police officer, he observes the aftermath of his death and meets the ghosts of other fallen black boys, including historical figure Emmett Till.

When Xiomara Batista, who pours all her frustrations and passion into poetry, is invited to join the school slam poetry club, she struggles with her mother's expectations and her need to be heard.

Sunny, the Defenders' best runner, only runs for his father, who blames Sunny for his mother's death; but with his coach's help, Sunny finds a way to combine track and field with his true passion, dancing.

Seventeen-year-old Zelie, her older brother Tzain, and rogue princess Amari fight to restore magic to the land; but they are ruthlessly pursued by the crown prince, who believes the return of magic will mean the end of the monarchy.

This riveting nonfiction book for teens about race, class, gender, crime, and punishment tells the true story of an agender teen who was set on fire by another teen while riding a bus in Oakland, California.

After Maria Luisa O'Neill-Morales moves with her Mexican-American mother to Chicago, she violates her school's dress code with her punk rock aesthetic and spurns the school's most popular girl in favor of starting a band with a group of like-minded friends.

Reeling from the death of his older brother in a gang-related shooting, a young boy in Harlem uses a project--building a fantastical Lego city at the community center--as a bridge to a new and better world.

In this prequel to Alexander's 2015 Newbery Award-winner "The Crossover," readers learn about Josh and Jordan's dad, Chuck Bell, and how he became the jazz-loving basketball star his sons look up to.

2017-2018 Statistics

Number of books checked out/renewed: 5912           

 Most checked-out books:

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, all titles

2. The Fault in Our Stars

3. Sisters

4. Ghosts

5. Tales from a Not-So-Friendly Frenemy

6. This One Summer

7. The Ghost of Graylock

8. Bleach

9. Drama

10. Wonder


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