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Ramsey Middle School Library: Wonderopolis

September 2019

Wonder of the Day Activity

Happy Friday!

Today's Assignment is Wonderopolis. 

The wonder of the day is: Why Does the Sky Change Color at Sunrise and Sunset?
1. Click on the link:
2. Watch the video, "Why the Sky Changes Color"
3. Read (or listen to) the article on the Wonderopolis page.
4. Take the "Wonder Word Challenge."
5. Did you get it? Complete "Test Your Knowledge."
6. Try It Out: Complete activity #3 (Linked at the bottom of the page)
Thanks to NASA, it's easy to explore the electromagnetic spectrum! Click on this link to read about it:

7. Answer the following questions: What new types of waves did you learn about? Write a paragraph explaining the similarities and differences between visible light and one other type of wave.

8. You can print out your paragraph (with your name on it). You can also share it with me on Google Docs or email it to me at

I hope you learned something new today!
Mrs. Leith


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