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Library News

Thanks to all families and staff who supported our recent Book Fair.  The profits from this event enable us to hire a professional storyteller for an event later in the school year.

Students have been checking out library books since the last week of August.  Here are some book care rules to remember:

Wash your hands before touching your library book;

Keep your book away from food, liquids, pets, and small children who could tear or draw in your book;

Keep your book in your backpack until you reach home;

Return your book on time the next week or bring it to the library to renew.

Students whose library books are damaged or lost while in their care are financially responsible for the full replacement cost of the book, so please make sure that you're taking good care of those books.

Mrs. McCord

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Literary Calendar

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Library Gallery

Storyteller Thomas Freese shares stories with students.

Storyteller Thomas Freese at our annual storyteller day in the library.

Storyteller Thomas Freese acts out his stories to the delight of kindergarten students.

Book Suggestions

Series and Sequels

A wonderful resource for those of you who read series and want to know what the next book is! Just click on the link.

Mrs. McCord's Recommended Read


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Book Feedback!

‚ÄčThis is one of our new books and I want to find out what you thought about it.

How well did you like this book?
I loved it and will tell all my friends to read it!: 151 votes (92.64%)
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I did not finish it.: 8 votes (4.91%)
Total Votes: 163

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