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Eastern High School Library: Book Club


The book club meets on Main Street during each lunch on Wednesdays.  We typically read one book per month.  All are welcome.

January 2019 Selection

Book Club Selections November 2018


B- Lunch is continuing The Help

C-Lunch - Due to the size of the C-Lunch book club, there are three groups reading different books.

Book Club Selections -September 2018





May 2018 Selection

March 2018 Selections

December 2017

September 2017

April/May 2017

Book Club Selection: January 2017

Book Club Selection: December 2016

November 2016

Book Selection: September 2016

Book Selection: August 2016

Book Selection: April 2016

Book Selection: March 2016

Book Club Selection: January 2016

Book Club Selections: November 2015

Book Club Selections: October 2015

Book Club Selections: September 2015

C-Lunch Book Club


We love our PTSA! - provider of book club books

Book Club Selection: May 2015

Book Club Selection: March 2015

Book Selection: February 2015

Book Club Selection: February 2015

February 2016

Book Club Selection: February 2015

Book Club Selection: January 2015

Book Club Selections: December 2014

Book Club Selections: November 2014

Book Club Selections: October 2014

Book Club Selection: September 2014

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