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Eastern High School Library: Student Resources

Student Resources

"I'm the type of student who wants good grades but doesn't want to study." -unknown

Accessing School Email

  • From the JCPS homepage, go to students.
  • Using the menu on the left-hand side of the page, go to logins.
  • A box will appear, click on webmail.
  • To log in to your email, you need your email address. It will look something like this if your name is Jane Doe:
  • If there is more than one Jane Doe, it might look like this
  • Your password is the same JCPS issued password that you use to log onto the computer, it should look similar to this: jcpsJD1234
  • If you do not know your email address and password, ask a librarian.  Be sure to bring something with you to write it down – something you will keep such as your agenda or a notebook that you keep with you.

Senior Library Aides 2016-17

Joseph Mikebanyi

Sarah Wood

Rachel Hastings

Courntey Horn

Senior Library Aides 2015-16

Megan Schutzler

Gabby Wilhjelm

Abby Stone

Senior Library Aides 2014-15


​Gale databases curated for our school to meet any of your research needs! Dive into science, social studies, history, literature and more to find authoritative reference content alongside magazine and journal articles, primary sources, videos, audio podcasts and images! These databases are continuously updated to provide current information.

High School Discovery

Search the EBSCO Discovery Service:

EBSCO Discovery has a service that will search across many of the KYVL and district databases at once from one easy search box.

Next Vista for Learning

Next Vista For Learning provides a library of free videos made by and for teachers and students everywhere.

Searching the OPAC

The link to the OPAC (Library World) is available on the bottom of every page on this Libguide.

  1. Once in the OPAC, type your search term in the box. You may search by title, author, keyword, or subject. From the list, click on the record of the item you wish to locate.
  2. Under Holdings, "Available" tells you how many copies of the book, if any, are currently on the shelf: A zero "0" next to "Available" means all copies are currently checked out.
  3. Look for the call number of the item you wish to find on the shelf. Nonfiction titles will have a Dewey Decimal number on the spine of the book.  B denotes a biography, along with the first 3 letters of the subject’s last name. Fiction books are arranged by genre.  Therefore, you will find a genre such as Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense etc.  listed as the call number. The genre listing will be followed by the first three letters of the author's last name.


Textbooks are issued during Eagle Prep (at the beginning of school).  If you need a book after Eagle Prep, see Mrs. Ellis in the AP office.  All fees, including library debts, must be paid before you are issued textbooks.  If you need to pay fees, see the bookkeeper Mrs. Gordon.

Tablet Problems?

Library World

       Eastern High School Library Catalog (OPAC)


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